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Tievoli | 20FT. | Shipping Container Restaurant

🍕 Tantalize Your Taste Buds: Step Inside Tievoli Wood Fire Pizza Mobile Kitchen by United Food Truck

Tievoli | 20Ft. Shipping Container Restaurant | Chicago, Illinois | United Food Truck - #unitedfoodtruck - #doxidonut
Tievoli | 20Ft. Shipping Container Restaurant | Chicago, Illinois | United Food Truck

Get ready, Chicago! We're rolling out the dough and firing up the oven for a mouthwatering new addition to the Windy City's culinary scene. United Food Truck is proud to present our latest build: a 20ft. Shipping Container Restaurant for "Tievoli" Wood Fire Pizza Oven!

Crafted atop a Ford F-650 Super Duty V10 Bed, this mobile kitchen is set to redefine pizza perfection on the go. Inspired by Tievoli Pizza Bar's commitment to artisanal craftsmanship and unforgettable dining experiences, our container restaurant promises to deliver the best wood-fired pizzas in Chicago, Illinois.🥤✨

Our 20-foot custom concession container is a state-of-the-art masterpiece, meticulously designed by the nation's top engineers to deliver an extraordinary culinary experience.

I Love It!  "Tievoli" - Wood Fire Pizza Shipping Container Restaurant Mobile Kitchen - 20Ft. Container On A 2012 Ford F-650 Superduty V10 Flatbead - Built by United Food Truck - #unitedfoodtruck - #doxidonut
I Love It! "Tievoli" - United Food Truck

📸 Exterior Photos

Behold the sleek and stylish exterior of our container restaurant, a beacon of deliciousness on the streets of Chicago. With custom wrap and glass walls, Tievoli Pizza Bar is ready to make a statement wherever it goes.


👨‍🍳 Crafting Culinary Magic: Blueprint of Innovation

Step behind the scenes and delve into the blueprint of innovation that brings the 20 Foot, "Tievoli" Wood Fire Pizza Oven Shipping Container Restaurant to life. Join us as we unveil the meticulous planning and cutting-edge design elements that transform a mere container into a dynamic culinary hub on wheels.

🚚 Container Specs: Custom-built 20-ft. concession container measuring 20" L x 8" W x 7.4 H

🍕 Kitchen Essentials: Marra Forni pizza oven installation and exhaust, 44x44 custom stainless steel base for pizza oven and doors, certified class 10 B or C fire extinguisher, and a 24" x 60" work table for pizza preparation.

❄️ Refrigeration: Includes a 67" refrigerated pizza prep table with 2 solid doors, two-section solid door reach-in refrigerator, and a refrigerated back bar storage cabinet with sliding door offering 12.5 cu ft of storage space.

🚿 Plumbing Features: Full-size customized plumbing counter, 12" hand sink with faucet, 36" three-compartment drop-in sinks with faucet, 36" W x 12" D shelf with 2 wall brackets (dish rack), 30-gallon clear water tank, 40-gallon black water holding tank, and a 110V water pump with 3.0 GPM capacity.

💡 Electrical Setup: 125 AMP electrical panel with Space #6 / Circuit 12 indoor flush mount main lug load, 20 AMP single circuit breaker, GFCI outlet, inside LED lights, outside LED flood lights with remote control, and waterproof dimmable color-changing features.

🔌 Power & Connectivity: Electrical regular outlets or electric points, generator power inlet/outlet receptacle socket with cover, 10-feet heavy-duty generator lock extension cord with UL listed certification, 50-feet Cat6 UTP Ethernet cable, and white 1 Gang data jack wall plate.

🔧 Additional Equipment: Cummins Onan QG 7000 commercial mobile gasoline generator, custom half door with window awning, A/C unit, glass wall (not plexi glass), custom wrap, 24" W x 16" D (2) wall brackets, 60" W x 12" D (2) wall brackets, security cameras, Bluetooth speakers, and outdoor flush mount light. Additionally, a Venor shutter exhaust fan with a 16" EC-motor and temperature humidity controller is included 🌬️.

Tievoli | 20Ft. Shipping Container Restaurant Blueprint | United Food Truck | #unitedfoodtruck - #doxidonut -
Tievoli | 20Ft. Shipping Container Restaurant Blueprint | United Food Truck