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Saverio's Pizza | 30FT. | Concession Trailer

Updated: Feb 8

🍕 Experience the Magic of Pizza - Inside Our 30ft Concession Trailer!

Brunch Bash | 24ft. Concession Trailer | United Food Truck
Saverio's Pizza | 30FT. Concession Trailer | United Food Truck


🍔 Brace yourselves, culinary adventurers, because a flavor revolution is in full swing! Meet the Saverio's Pizza Truck, the gastronomic genius ready to redefine your pizza experience. Stretching a magnificent 30 feet in length, 96 inches wide, and standing tall at a towering 82 inches, this pizza powerhouse is here to satisfy your cravings like never before. 🇮🇹🍕


Saverio's 30Ft. Pizza Napoletana Concession Trailers
Saverio's 30Ft. Pizza Napoletana Concession Trailers


🏰 Saverio's: A Slice of History 📜

Saverio's Authentic Pizza Napoletana is not just a pizza joint; it's a slice of history. An extension of the A & S Pork Store of Massapequa, which has been delighting the community since 1967.

Owner and pizzaiolo Saverio is a certified pizzaiolo of the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani (Association of Neapolitan Pizza-makers), ensuring that every pizza is crafted according to the Neapolitan tradition.

Saverio's takes immense pride in using only the highest-quality ingredients, including buffalo-milk mozzarella (Mozzarella di Bufala Campana D.O.P.) and San Marzano D.O.P. tomatoes imported from Naples. Their pizzas are further enhanced with their fresh, homemade mozzarella, which is a testament to their commitment to authenticity.

All pizzas are drizzled with 100% Italian extra-virgin olive oil and baked to perfection at a scorching 850 degrees in a Mario Acunto wood-fired brick oven from Naples. The result? A pizza that doesn't just satisfy your cravings but transports your taste buds straight to Italy.

We highly recommend trying their three specialties – the Margherita D.O.P., Mom's special, and the irresistible La Saporita. Each one is a bite of Italy and a cherished family recipe.


Get Ready for a Slice of Italian Flavor! 🍕

Step inside the heart of pizza creation - the kitchen! Witness the secrets behind crafting these delightful pies. From the dough's magical rise to the lovingly made mozzarella, it's a pizza paradise on wheels.


🚚 A Glimpse Inside the Saverio's Culinary Command Center! 🍕🔍

📏 Trailer 1: Crafting Perfection

Behold our first masterpiece, a 30-foot titan measuring 96 inches in width and standing tall at 82 inches. With a 2.5-gallon water heater cleverly tucked under the counter, Trailer 1 has all the ingredients for culinary greatness.

💡 Electrical Excellence: Featuring multiple outlets and convenient light switches powered by a 220V single-phase supply, Trailer 1 is a culinary haven.

🪑 Prep Stations: Equipped with practical 12-inch dry boards, a 36-inch 3-compartment sink complete with an overhead dish rack, additional 12-inch dry boards, and a 12-inch hand sink with a splash guard, Trailer 1 offers the ultimate canvas for culinary artistry.

🪚 Workspace Wonders: Ample workspace is provided with a 60x24-inch work table and a 72x36-inch commercial service window. Additional shelving includes a 7x14 service shelf, a 48x12-inch wall shelf, and a 48x12-inch wall shelf.

🍕 Pizza Mastery: Pizza preparation is at its finest with a 93-inch pizza prep table, a 3P outlet, LED lights, and a strategically placed extraction pipe. A 59-inch pizza oven ensures every pie is baked to perfection.

❄️ Cool Comfort: Storage is a breeze with a 91-inch undercounter refrigerator, a 48x24-inch work table, a 50-inch chest freezer with a special base, and two 48x12-inch wall shelves.

🌬️ Climate Control: Keeping the kitchen comfortable is a powerful AC unit. Mesh is thoughtfully integrated to enhance ventilation and air circulation.

📏 Trailer 2: Italian Culinary Adventure

Our second marvel, mirroring the first, stands at 30 feet in length and 96 inches in width, reaching a height of 82 inches. It's all about bringing the flavors of Italy to life.

💨 Ventilation & Hood: Powered by a formidable 1/2 HP exhaust fan and a 5-inch extraction hood, the atmosphere in Trailer 2 is as authentic as an Italian piazza.

🪑 Prep Stations: Preparation areas are complete with a 12-inch dry board, a 36-inch 3-compartment sink with an overhead dish rack, additional 12-inch dry boards, and a 12-inch hand sink with a splash guard.

❄️ Cool Comfort: Savorio's ingredients are stored in a 30-inch solid door refrigerator, with culinary magic happening on a 16-inch fryer and a 24-inch range with an oven.

🪚 Storage Solutions: Storage is cleverly optimized with a 3.0 FSS Protex, two 36x24-inch wire shelves, and a 10-foot walk-in cooler boasting a 96-inch width and an 82-inch height, adorned with LED lights.

🌬️ Climate Control: This Italian culinary haven is kept at the perfect temperature by a trusty AC unit, while a 38-inch chest freezer, two 60x24-inch work tables, and two 6x14 service shelves ensure that the journey to pizza perfection continues.

Step into Saverio's culinary world, where pizza and Italian flavors come to life with precision, passion, and the finest ingredients. 🇮🇹🍕🔥


🎉 Presenting Saverio's 30ft Concession Trailers: Where Pizza Meets Pleasure! 🚢

The exterior is a visual feast! A vibrant celebration of Saverio's Italian heritage and culinary excellence. Our 30ft Concession Trailers aren't just mobile kitchens; they're cultural ambassadors.