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El Ranchito Taqueria | 18FT. | Concession Trailer

Updated: Feb 8

El Ranchito Taqueria's Spectacular Concession Trailer: 🌮 A Mexican Food Oasis on Wheels! 🚚💨

El Ranchito Taqueria | 18FT. Concession Trailer | United Food Truck
El Ranchito Taqueria | 18FT. Concession Trailer | United Food Truck


🚚 Brace yourselves, flavor enthusiasts, because there's a culinary champion rolling into town! Allow us to introduce El Ranchito Taqueria's stunning concession trailer, a gastronomic gem that's bound to transport your taste buds straight to the heart of Mexico. Measuring an impressive 18 feet in length, stretching to a generous 96 inches in width, and reaching a height of 82 inches, this foodie fortress is here to satisfy your Mexican food cravings like never before. 🌮🇲🇽

Quick View | El Ranchito Taqueria | 18FT. Concession Trailer | United Food Truck
Quick View | El Ranchito Taqueria | 18FT. Concession Trailer | United Food Truck


🚚 The Exterior: A Mexican Culinary Marvel Ready for Fiesta! 🌟🌮

Feast your eyes on El Ranchito Taqueria's concession trailer, an exterior that's not just attention-grabbing – it's a fiesta on wheels! With its impressive 18-foot stature, this culinary chariot announces its arrival with flair. Adorned in vibrant colors reminiscent of Mexican fiestas, the exterior isn't just a food concession trailer; it's a symbol of the Mexican culinary experience. As you spot it rolling into the streets, your anticipation surges. It's a concession trailer, but it's also a promise of delectable Mexican delights and a taste of true authenticity.

Every detail of the exterior design shouts, "Prepare for a Mexican food adventure like no other!" Whether you're a taco aficionado or someone eager for a flavorful journey, El Ranchito Taqueria's exterior is the beacon guiding you to a world of mouthwatering Mexican cuisine. 🌮🎉🌶️

Get ready to savor the flavors of Mexico and embark on a culinary voyage that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. The exterior of this concession trailer is a celebration of Mexican gastronomy, and it's here to make your taste buds dance with joy! 🚚🌮🌟


🌮 Revel in the Features of Flavor at El Ranchito Taqueria! 🌯🔥🚀

Water System:

  • 🚰 Fresh Water Tank (30 Gallon): Installed undercounter.

  • 🌊 Waste Water Tank (40 Gallon): Also installed undercounter.

  • 💧 Water Pump: Undercounter installation ensures a steady water flow when needed.

  • 🔥 2.5 Gallon Water Heater

Electrical System:

  • 💡 Outlets, Switches, and Breaker Box


  • 🌬️ Exhaust Fan: Keeps the cooking area well-ventilated.

  • 🌫️ 8-Foot Extraction Hood: Ensures a smoke-free environment while cooking.

  • 🧯 3.0g Protex FSS Mesh

Storage and Preparation:

  • 📦 24x12 Shelf: Provides ample storage space for essential ingredients and equipment.

  • 🍲 32-Inch (2) Well Steam Table: Ideal for keeping Mexican delights warm and ready to serve.

  • 🔥 12-Inch (2) Burner

  • 🍳 36-Inch Griddle and 24-Inch Griddle

  • 🥙 Gyro Free Space: Where the magic happens for Taco lovers.

  • 🍽️ 96-Inch x 30-Inch Counter

  • 🧀 27-Inch Undercounter Refrigerator

  • 💡 LED Lights

  • ❄️ 12000 BTU Split AC: Keeps the interior comfortable in any weather.

Entertainment and Display:

  • 📺 40-Inch Smart TV and Display: For entertainment and showcasing the menu.

  • 🪟 72-Inch x 36-Inch Service Window: Where the tacos meet the eager customers.

Service and Convenience:

  • 🍽️ 5-Foot Service Shelf

  • 🔌 Outlet Under Service Window Hole on Table

  • 🏞️ 10-Foot Awning: Provides shade and shelter for customers.

  • 🧊 38-Inch Chest Freezer with Cover: Essential for storing frozen ingredients.

  • 🪑 72-Inch x 24-Inch Service Table: A spacious area for organizing orders.

  • 🥤 24-Inch Glass Door Refrigerator: Displays refreshing beverages.

  • 🧽 12-Inch Hand Sink with Splash Guard: Ensures proper hygiene.

  • 🍽️ 36-Inch 3-Compartment Sink with Drainboards: Streamlines dishwashing.

  • 🍽️ 36-Inch x 12-Inch Dishrack: Keeps dishes organized and accessible.

Fuel and Power:

  • ⛽ 2 - 100 lbs Propane Tanks: Ensure a steady supply of fuel for cooking.

  • ⚡ Predator 9000 Watt Standard Generator: Keeps the lights on and the equipment running smoothly.

El Ranchito Taqueria | 18Ft. Concession Trailer Blueprint | United Food Truck | #unitedfoodtruck
El Ranchito Taqueria | 18Ft. Concession Trailer Blueprint | United Food Truck | #unitedfoodtruck

🌮 The Interior: Where Culinary Dreams Take Flight! 🍳

Step inside El Ranchito Taqueria's concession trailer, and you'll step into the heart of a Mexican culinary wonderland. This 18-foot mobile fiesta is where all the taco magic comes to life. The interior is a symphony of modern kitchen equipment, strategically designed cooking stations, and all the tools needed to craft the perfect Mexican delight. With an organized setup that even culinary superheroes would envy, every inch of this kitchen is designed for efficiency and authentic Mexican food excellence.

Whether it's the sizzling griddles, the masterful steam tables, or the taco fillings bursting with flavor, the interior of El Ranchito Taqueria's concession trailer is where epic culinary adventures are brought to life! 🌯🔥🥑

🌮 Why Choose El Ranchito Taqueria for Your Mexican Culinary Journey? 🌯🌟

🛡️ Unparalleled Mexican Excellence: El Ranchito Taqueria is dedicated to delivering Mexican culinary excellence like no other. Our mission is to serve you the most authentic, mouthwatering, and unforgettable Mexican tacos in town. With every bite, you'll embark on a flavor-filled journey that will transport your taste buds to the heart of Mexico.

🥇 Taco-Crafted Perfection: At El Ranchito Taqueria, we don't just serve tacos; we craft taco masterpieces. We are passionate about culinary creativity and work closely with you to tailor a menu that perfectly suits your event's theme and your guests' preferences. It's like having your very own taco superhero!

🏆 Professionalism with a Dash of Mexican Charm: We not only bring the finest Mexican flavors to your event; we also ensure it's an unforgettable experience. Our team combines professionalism with a sprinkle of Mexican charm, guaranteeing that your guests not only savor the most delectable tacos but also have a delightful time. With us, it's more than just a meal; it's a Mexican culinary adventure! 🌮😄🌶️


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Get your sombreros and maracas ready because a Mexican fiesta like no other is coming your way! 🌮🎉🇲🇽🎶




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